Persuasive Formal letter

Class 12 (Olivia, Alec and Chloe)  have used formal language and vocabulary to write persuasive letters this week                                                                                          .

Letters link to our Anglo-Saxon theme as they are from KIng Vortigern to Hengest and Horsa (Anglo-Saxon warriors) asking for their help in stopping the Scots and the Picts from invading. Can you spot the persuasive features and great vocabulary we have used?


This week,Class 12  have been looking at the origins of the English language and Anglo-Saxon poetry called Kennings. We discovered there were lots of them in the Old English version of Beowulf.  Can you guess what the Kenning we have written are metaphors for?

Should dogs be kept on leads in parks, by Sophie

Should dogs be kept on leads in parks?

Throughout the years, there has been a great debate on whether or not dogs should be kept on leads in our local park. Some dog owners choose to let their dogs roam freely, but on the other hand, some feel the need to keep their dog by their side for safekeeping. Although, there are lots of different opinions from different people.

Firstly, if your dog is kept on a lead, it will allow children, such as: Toddlers and babies to be safe from being bitten. In the past, over 200 children a year were seriously injured, causing a few deaths along with it. In result to this, the vets and council will have no choice but to put your dog down. Also, if you are not careful, your dog could go missing. Shockingly, over 500,000 dogs go missing each year due to not wearing leads or collars, and that’s only in the UK! If your dogs are kept under control, it can give cats an opportunity to wonder about without being scared by the barking dogs. Besides, why should dogs be allowed to run around and not cats?

On the other hand, it is essential that dogs have exercise outdoors every day. Therefore, dogs need the space to run around which is not possible if they are on a lead because dogs are known to run 3 times as fast as humans and if they go into a sudden sprint, it can cause them to choke or seriously hurt their neck. Dogs should also have a right to interact with other  dogs and make friends, like all other dogs. In cause of this, your dog could potentially see other dogs interacting and know that they are not allowed because they are restricted by the lead, this could cause your dog to get vicious.

In conclusion, I feel that dogs should be kept on leads if they are vicious because in the past, there has been children that have got badly hurt by dog attacks. In the future, dogs that are a small breed should not have to wear a lead, as they can not be as harmful.

Should dogs be kept on Leads in the park, by Phoebe

Most parks allow dogs to be let off the lead but some parks don’t allow it. Some people think that they should be on leads but some people don’t . . . What do you think ?

Firstly, if you have your dog on a lead it is much more safer than your dog having free range because they will then be near their owner. In the last 5 years , 10,000 children have been harmed and injured from aggressive dogs that had roamed through the park without a lead on . Shockingly , over 2,000 dogs have gone missing each year because they have been stolen or have ran off . Secondly , dogs can be a threat to other innocent animals . If dogs were kept on a lead cats would be able to run around freely .

However , dogs need daily exercise to keep fit and healy . If dogs were on their leads they wouldn’t be able to run freely . Dogs need to socialise with other dogs , to make friends and run around with them . This makes them build up relationships with other dogs and people . Reasearch has found out if dogs interact they will be less aggressive and wont bite .

We are game developers

Your challenge this week is to complete the Hour of Code below. You will need to complete activities including identifying the different components in a game,

identifying different file types

understanding copyright issues

and considering the audience to design a computer game. Read the instructions for each task to complete the project.

Hour of Code


This week we have been writing based on the animation Blackface.

BlackFace : The Sacred Legend from Nicolas Salsedo on Vimeo.

What features can you identify in our writing?

A guttural roaring burst through the thunderous roar of the jungle . A 4×4-mud splattered and rusty – careered through the jungle obliterating everything in its way. Crashing to a halt, the thundering engine cut out abruptly. From the shell of this colossal monster , stepped a man : a hunter ,tall fierce -looking and snarling with a rifle casually slung over his shoulder over his muscular arms . He didn’t notice the beauty e around him. He didn’t notice the monkey statue no the rock. He didn’t notice the warning calls of the hidden creatures. Mopping his brow, he glared into the giant jungle , single mind idly and determined.

To the hunters annoyance, there suddenly appeared an elderly man, delaying his venture and sensation to capture the legendary ‘imortal’ monkey -who he swore to capture. The old man stood in stark contrast to the hunter.
“Dinga jay! Managram insa dorma ,”he boomed in a thunderous voice “calasan da turan ten Moran”

“What is the old fool blabbering on about “demanded the hunter , loading his rifle .

“Sir…s…sir he says you must not go hunting in the sacred jungle ” Collins stuttered timidly , ducking his head .

The old man continued his tirade of words , now struggling to to stand. Smashing his spear down (as best as he could) gesturing to the glorious jungle -which had gone deadly silent .

The Dragon Boy, by Olivia and Chloe

The Dragon Boy

A long, long time ago (in a village in the middle of nowhere) there was a bizarre series of a real boy who had grown up with the dragons. Behold what is going to happen in this story today!

One scorching, sweltering day, the people of the sleepy village were asleep, calmly and quietly. As far as the eye could see, enormous mounds of slumbering hills slept peacefully. A tiny puff of thistle down pranced and fell, elegantly and majestically. It was breathed into the nostril of the sleeping dragon.

The young beast woke up with a start. With a sneezy snort, he made the loudest snort, and with that it caused a chaotic commotion beyond infinity. Fire licked and lapped up the village roads demolishing everything in it’s path. People screamed (running for their lives) snatching their children from their beds, trying to save them.

All the commotion made the dragons stir. The hills thudded, thumped causing people to stumble and drop their bundle. They grabbed as much as their hands could carry, then ran as far as their legs could carry them. They sprint so fast, fast because no one wanted to die.

Meanwhile, one dragon mother had missed seeing her egg hatch (because she had been asleep for 90 years). So she dashed into her nursery. But to her surprise she found twins! One of the babies were green scaly with emerald green eyes. Next to the normal baby was a peculiar baby with smooth, silky skin. Also it had angelic eyes as blue as the sky. It was bald all except from a little tuff of black fur on the top of it’s head.

The mother thought the two of them were beautiful. She called for some of the other dragon mothers to see her new arrivals. The mothers had finally arrived they were even more shocked than the mother.

Dragon Baby, by Marcus

Dragon Baby

A long , long time ago (in a country far , far away) there was an extraordinary series of peculiar events , which led to the discovery of a real Dragon boy !

One sombre , gloomy night , the weary people of the village were asleep , peacefully and calmly . In the distance , colossal mounts of slumbering  humps snored . The dragon hills slept soundly too . Coming down from the sombre , pitch-black moonlight , a floating thistledown dance elegantly onto the dragon’s nose .It was breathed into the nostril of a sleeping beast. The emerald green dragon awoke (with a sneezy snort ) that caused a chaotic commotion beyond belief.

Raging flames licked and lapped around the minute, cosy cottages destroying everything, aimlessly and alarmingly. The petrified villagers hurriedly packed all their bags and fled out the village .

A terrified family, who also had to carry an adorable baby , sped out the village. Accidentally, they dropped their baby but just ignored him . They ran as fast as their legs would work .

Emerging from her slumber, the curious dragon mother , who had emerald green scales cascading down her back, surveyed the commotion ; she stood upon her majestic egg to see that her egg had hatched ! However , there wasn’t just a glistening , fragile dragon baby , there was also a peculiar looking baby crawling along the grass . It was a human baby !

The Dragon Mother, by Harrison

Emerging from her slumber , the Dragon Mother surveyed the commotion. She could only speculate as to when it had happened but the smoothened round spotty egg that was the same colour as bloomers .She was yawning  whilst  rubbing her bleary eyes and blinking fast. She didn’t know if it was real . The Dragon Mother turned and gazed …  she kept double checking because one of them was a bit odd-looking .One ‘Dragon’  ,that had a nappy on , was crawling about all over the emerald green scaly Dragon .The Dragon that was odd-looking  wasn’t  a dragon , it was a baby .’’It must have been left behind’’ roared Mother Dragon. The Dragon sang a Dragon lullaby and rocked him to sleep ,and she put him next to his sister . He was happy.

American Football by Abigail

American Football

American football is a great sport for people over the age of 8.It is a good and exiting way to get you and your children out and about. It helps you have a good and healthy lifestyle. Some people do clubs as well.

History of the sport

American football has been going on for 20+ years and the first ever match played was in 1892. American football was the early version of ruby football, this sport was first played in Britain in the mid 19th century and American football began after the first NFL playoff game.

Specialist gear:

  • Helmet
  • Shoulder pads
  • Face guard
  • Chest protector
  • Rib pad
  • Upper arm pad
  • Elbow pad
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Hip pad
  • Pants
  • Tail bone pad
  • Thigh pad
  • Knee pad
  • Football socks
  • Boots

All of this equipment helps you to keep safe and secure whilst playing the sport.

Rules of the sport

To win American football you need to get more points than the other team you are playing against with the amount of time that you have. The team with the ball (the offence) has 4 plays (downs) to advance at the most 10 yards, and can score points once they reach the opposite end of the field, which is called the end zone as well as the goal posts. A touchdown is worth six points, and is scored when the team crosses the opposition’s goal line with the ball, or catches or collects  the ball in the end zone, a field goal is worth three points for an extra point you have to kick the ball through the poles after a touchdown.

Positions to play

You have positions to be in like football they are called safety, cornerback, middle line backer, outer line backer, end, tackle, guard, outer, tight end, front back, runner back.

American football is a fun and nice family game you will stay safe and you will be very tired at the end but at least you will know you have had fun!

Horse Riding by Summer

Horse riding

Horse riding is an amazing sport and comes with many health benefits. Although it can be expensive it is well worth the investment. There are over 8 million riders in the UK, which makes it one of the most popular sport in the world.


Historians believe that horses have been rode and worked since 4000 BC, but they have found horse drawings from as early as 3000BC. Nowadays , horses are categorised by their breed, but in the   medieval times they were categorised by their usages. Before America was civilised , when it was called the old west ,horse were the only way to transport . Unfortunately ,due to cattle grazing ,85% of wild horses are in holding pens , but there is a glimmer of hope for some of these creatures , as now the public can now adopt them for free! Horses , donkeys and mules been used for centrys to pull carts.

Specialist gear and tack

If you want to invest in a horse it will be expensive as; you will need, a saddle which vary from £500 to £1000 you will also need a bridle, saddle pad, polo wraps and an ear bonnet. If you’re not going to invest in a horse , it will be less expensive ,however  you must invest in a helmet to ensure your safety, you might want to purchases stable boots and clothes as you can get quite dirty, You will also need the following; gloves, a whip ,a helmet and hand sanitizer.


There are many different rules in horse riding , to ensure you and your horses safety at all times. If you wish to ride your horse on the road here are some rules you need to know, you have to stay on the left hand side of the road .Also horses don’t have to pay taxes like cars do.

Horse riding has been a popular sport for centres. If you see a horse rider on the road either slowly drive around them or stop and let them pass.

Drawing 2D shapes

 This week we are going to be practising our coding skills and draw 2D shapes to make patterns before we move on to write our own algorithms in Scratch next week.

We will be using the repeat function to refine our code…

and to help us make patterns with the shapes we have drawn.

Follow the link below to start writing your Frozen commands!

Hour of Code

The Christmas Truce, by Ethan

It was Christmas eve ; the snow falling heavily down into the trenches onto all the bitterly cold soldiers . Tis soldier called Jim got a present from home, it was a picture of his girlfriend and his favourite creamy chocolate bar. Whilst he was opening it up, all the English started singing Silent night . then Jim heard something , something strange…


However , it was the Germans singing there own version of Silent night. Frightened , Jim walked into no man’s land with his hands raised . The question is , will he get shot ? One other German soldier did the same and he was a similar age to Jim they shuck hands and said “ My name id Jim ,” shaking his hand whilst looking how he is .

“ My name is Otto ,” explained Otto in broken English. Soon after, Jim showed Otto the picture of his girlfriend also kissing it before he showed him.

Instead of blowing each other up they started playing football peacefully also calmly because it was Christmas but could this happen next year ? Jim went to Otto to say good bye and Merry Christmas because he proudly wont see him again. Then Otto looked into his pocket and found Jim chocolate bar same with was there best Christmas whilst being there

The Christmas Truce, by Rayaan

It was Christmas 1914, snow fell heavily creating extra  barriers on the trenches, men huddling

together only being able to use body heat to keep warm, yet the soldiers kept on going, surviving for the thought of the Christmas post! One boy in particular , Jim was his name, sat in the dark depths of the gruesome trench, reading a letter from his dear Rose, his girlfriend, he was also to find a picture of her reminding him that she was always there for him along with a big bar of chocolate. Indistinctly, Jim heard some sort of tune while he held the photo of Rose next to his heart “Silent night holy night holy night” The tune continued as Jim realised it was the traditional “Silent Night” Jim lay down as he pressed the photo against his lips. Jim tried to sing himself to sleep in the hell hole. Minutes passed Jim was just drifting to sleep… until, he heard the same tune yet different words. The lone young soldier was perplexed, he did not understand who was singing. He thought it ould of been the German, yet that would be the maddest idea ever. Bewildered, Jim fell back to sleep.

It was Christmas morning, soldiers still in trenches, no Christmas miracle, they just waited and waited and waited, full of boredom. Soldiers hearts tear apart missing their families some of them fearing they would be deceased. Jim looked around… no one to turn to, he then looked up watching the white, glistening snow fall from the heavens. Without thought, Jim stood up as he proudly walked towards the frontline, he climbed out of the trench with no fear at all. He could hear his fellow Tommies shouting warnings to him fearing for his sanity. This was far the most psychotic thought he ever had. A German general spotted him! “TAKE AIM!” he screamed in a German accent. Hundreds of rifles aimed at his head … with a deep breath he continued walking and walking. Suddenly , a young lad from the German side walked towards Jim. “What are you doing!” exclaimed a German soldier as all the British aimed at his head! They both met in the middle of

No Mans Land  the most lethal, destructive place in the whole of the universe!

There was a silence…

Jim gulped and fearfully said “Hi I’m Jim”

“Hi I’m Otto” He responded in a German accent. Jim could not believe what was

Happening— he was flabbergasted— Satan had mercy on them. Jim and Otto continued to chat [Jim showed Otto pictures of Rose] After minutes of chatting the soldiers understood it was safe, Otto quickly went to fetch a ball [the only thing left in good condition] They played, laughed, talked all day having the most fun in months! Hours passed dusk was falling. With no indication, BOOM BAM, bombs started to go off again soldiers sighed as they knew they had to get back to their duties… Otto and Jim exchanged hugs secretly exchanging gifts, they return to their trenches to find a biscuit for Jim and a chocolate bar for Otto. They smiled…Boom. “Get down”…


Mystery Creatures

This week we wrote about the Loch Ness Monster and The Yeti in Year 5, we drew pictures of them and wrote descriptions about supporting evidence of their existence. Do you think they are real? Can you identify the modal verbs and time adverbials we used?


The Christmas Truce, by Millie Anne

Christmas Truce

Christmas eve 1914,snow was failing heavily onto the ground forming another big stack of it. The soldiers were shivering  because they didn’t have warm cosy clothes they had thin summer ones. They was all in their bunkers having a congenial conversation  whilst trying to warm up. A young soldier called Jim receive a parcel ! It was of his girlfriend so he lifted it up and pressed it against his lips. Jim also got a chocolate bar in a tin he was delighted ! he thought when should I write a letter back? The chocolate what Jim got was really precious because in them days you don’t get much food  especially not treats His hart sang, he was glad he weren’t forgotten about.